Storm Damage

Dallas and Fort Worth have some of the most unpredictable, damaging storms nationwide. Wind and hail can damage roof systems beyond repair. RS Meridian can work in conjunction with your insurance company to ensure proper and timely repairs to your property.
Hail is the most damaging element of North Texas storms. Hail impacts shingles and creates bruises or fractures that diminish a roof’s ability to shed water.

Sometimes the effects are not immediately seen and can go unnoticed for months until symptoms present themselves. It is always best to have your roof inspected soon after a storm to prevent more costly repairs later in time.

RS Meridian uses Xactimate estimating software to ensure your property damages are thoroughly documented with up-to-date pricing for your specific zip code.

Sometimes climbing on the roof and inspecting with the naked eye isn’t enough. RS Meridian uses Infrared technology to ensure that damage to roof substrates or leaks are not missed.