Whether you need roof repairs, new roof installation, or roof replacement in the Fort Worth area,  RS Meridian Construction provides quality service that can meet any budget.

With the harsh temperature fluctuations and inclement weather of North Texas, our rooftops undergo a tremendous amount of stress. This means an increased risk of roof leaks and damage creating potential for a drastically reduced integrity and lifespan of your roof.
At RS Meridian, we want to make your current roof last as long as possible. That means not only doing minor repairs, but creating a maintenance program to help extend the life of your current roof. If you are buying or selling your home, we will inspect and provide recommendations or documentation regarding the roofs current condition.
Whether you have an active roof leak, want to extend the serviceable life of your roof, are buying or selling your home, RS Meridian can fulfill your service needs. We prioritize repairs for active leaks and in many cases can provide same-day service.
– Tile
– Slate
– Metal
– Composition
– Modified Bitumen